Learn a new skill and get creative with Creative Papercraft’s FreeStyleCrafts Craft Kits.

Kits include everything you need to learn a new craft today in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Using creative skills is good therapy and it can also supplement an income.

About Creative Papercraft


Creative Papercraft was formed in 1998 as a craft studio offering a unique service to paper crafters with ongoing classes, workshops, demonstrations, correspondence courses, mail order service and quality materials in a wide variety of paper crafts. Parchment; marbling art; sand art; glass painting; serviette decoupage on fabric, glass and cardboard; paper making; 3D decoupage; tea bag folding; scrapbooking; recycling greeting cards and other items; book making; calligraphy; box making and much more are offered.

Creative Papercraft specializes in small classes allowing the students to explore their own creativity in a relaxed, friendly environment. The classes are 3 hours and are reasonably priced, excluding the materials used in the course. Classes are held every week on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. For big groups special arrangements are made. Most materials are available from Creative Papercraft at reasonable prices, but the students are welcome to bring their own supplies.

If students are not able to attend classes, most of the classes are covered in kit form, Craft Kits are available with the materials, full instructions and examples of finished projects. Extra supplies can be ordered as well. Thus the students can learn in the comfort of their own environment, at their own pace but still with the back-up of Yvonne Watson expertise and help.




Creative Papercraft